Sunday, October 31, 2010


These keep my gas levels high enough to have to wear a gas mask.......Great fuel for being in the garage though.

We call our harleys?

Pigs, hogs, scoots........but a photo of me on a SCOOTER? never will see it again.

Love this shit.... dont know what to call it.....Levity Sky | Veritas

Happy HALLOWEEN!!!!!

God im ugly.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Swap MEAT score!!!!



Slowly But surely

79 Shovel Project.

Only about 215 into this puppy. Getting more parts for it today.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Flash Back Fridays!!!

Found this sucker today. Dickies, flannel, and GREASED ASS HAIR!!!!! 4th grade, many many moons ago.

I guess good things never die.

Spokane MC Swap MEAT!!!!!

Tomorrow starting at 8am at the humane society.

Halloween Swap Meet

Motorcycle parts and gear for sale or trade. All makes and models welcome, from choppers to dirt bikes. Motocross and Flat Track riders come check us out! Vendors pay no fee. Hosted by NW Classic MC and Vintage V-Twin.

Spokane - North
11820 N. Market St., Spokane, Wash., 99252

New Box

No not that kind!

After getting most of my tools stolen a few years ago im finally stocking back up so i decided to get a new top box.

Diggin it.

Saw this for sale awhile back in Seattle. Righteous as fuck. I think someone Chico D knows has this now.

Re done ink.

Good Friend Cassie fixed up my FUCKED knuckle tattoo's. HAHA left hand letters look crooked in the pick but arent. Also wearing the lowbrow shirt i just got.

Thanks CASS!


Well we've seen a million blog spots, so the Scum Buzzards have decided to share with the world our version of what we think is important in the usually involves bikes, booze, broads and much much more. For now we have a few projects underway and will be posting those up, so watch out for those.

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